‘No takers for contract farming in Tiswadi’

TALEIGAO: A passionate farming enthusiast from Taleigao, who toured the entire Tiswadi taluka vis-à-vis farming, has said that there are no takers for contract farming in the taluka as landowners fear that cultivators may usurp their farmlands.
Candido Dias, who is the chief promoter of Progressive Farmers Club, Taleigao, said that not many people are interested in taking up contract farming as they want to avoid troubles and hassles associated with that particular method of farming.
However, some people, mostly those belonging to schedule tribes, are engaged in these kinds of farming activities.
Dias toured Taleigao, St Cruz, Merces, St Estevam, Divar, Chorao, Agacaim and Cortalim, but did not come across any farmers who have taken up contract farming.
Most of the landowners fear that farming contractors may usurp their farmlands, Dias said, adding that that in the past landowners had bitter experiences of land usurpation. Hence they don’t allow contract farming in their farmlands as a result many of these fields have been lying uncultivated for years.
These landowners don’t give survey numbers and signatures for Form 14, which are mandatory for farmers to avail government subsidies.
Nevertheless there are some landowners who allow farmers to cultivate their fields and keep certain quantity of produce in return. They do this without signing the Form 14 and without going through paperwork or formalities.
Extolling the advantages of krishi cards, Dias said the card contains details of farmlands: ownership and size of the land. The card gives a nutshell glimpse of the farmers and the fields they cultivate.
Suggesting some measures to boost cultivation in the state, he said the government should give farmers who own small or big farmlands at least a five-year ‘grace period’ to cultivate their fields. If land is not cultivated within the stipulated time then the government should confiscate the land – whether it is communidade land or privately-owned farmland.
Dias recalled that in the past the farmers used to help each others to cultivate village fields.
He rued over the present situation in farming.
The Progressive Farmers Club was formed some three years ago when there was shortage of labourers: migrant labourers were demanding huge wages during the harvest season in Taleigao and elsewhere.
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