Reis Magos gram sabha okays ban on plastic bags

Reis Magos: The Reis Magos gram sabha held on Sunday
adopted a resolution to impose a ban on plastic bags below certain microns in
the village and also to impose a fine on establishments using plastic bags.

The gram Sabha which was scheduled to start on time was
delayed due to lack of quorum as there were not many villagers present for the
meeting. With a very less turnout of villagers the gram sabha commenced with
the secretary Premanand Mandrekar reading out the minutes of the previous gram

The villagers questioned the sarpanch Virendra Shirodkar
as to why there was a poor turnout for the gram sabha and demanded an answer.
The sarpanch replied that an advertisement was put on the local newspapers and
added that the people should have read the advert and come for the gram

The villagers also raised the issue of choked gutters and
suggested to clean all the gutters before the monsoon in order to prevent

The sarpanch agreed to the suggestion and promised to
clean the gutters. The locals also raised the issue of illegal
business operated by migrants without obtaining proper licenses from the
panchayat and demanded action by the sarpanch.

Atmaram Dhabolkar said, let there be employment for
villagers and not for migrants coming from other states.

On the issue of garbage the villagers questioned the
sarpanch about his plan to rid the village of plastic.

Sarpanch Virendra Shirodkar assured the villagers that a
ban will be imposed on plastic carry bags below certain microns and a fine of
Rs 5,000 will be imposed for using plastic


For garbage collection the sarpanch said that they have
kept separate bins for dry and wet garbage and suggested to the villagers to
use the bins and keep the village clean.

Secretary Premanand Mandrekar also presented the audit
report to the villagers. In the report the secretary made known that around Rs
35 lakh has been recovered as license fees by the panchayat.

The gram sabha went on smoothly without any untoward
incidents. Deputy sarpanch Siya Nagvekar proposed the vote of thanks to
conclude the gram Sabha. Developmental plans for the village failed to be
discussed at the gram sabha.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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