Street vendors streamlining task gets going in Cuncolim


Cuncolim Municipal Council (CMC) has conducted a survey of street vendors in the area and has identified zones within which they can operate. Distribution of identification cards and certificates will begin next month.
Speaking to this daily, chief officer of CMC Shankar Gaonkar said that this system is being put in place in keeping with a central government act and scheme specifically for street vendors.
“In view of the Street Vendors Act 2014 and the state government’s Street Vendors Scheme 2017, the municipality has conducted a survey of street vendors in the municipal area. A total of 117 street vendors have been identified and we have also surveyed places in the area from where they can operate,” said Gaonkar.
The municipality has formed a special committee with the chief officer as the chairman, and the Cuncolim police station PI, two councillors, NGOs, a doctor and a group of market vendors as members of the committee. The committee has held three meetings in the last several months.
It was decided that street vendors would be given three zones- vending, non vending and restricted vending, that they will have to adhere to. The vending zone will have vendors operating there all day long, the restricted zone will be allowed only during certain timings and the non vending zones will be free of street vendors.
The scheme is being implemented to streamline and protect the rights of the street vendors. “The act and scheme both ensure that the rights of the street vendors are protected while also ensuring that there is no obstruction to traffic in the municipality area. The next step is to issue certificates and identification cards to vendors. The entire process is expected to be completed by next month,” it was

Source:: The Navhind Times

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