Study raises hopes for refloating Nalini



A study conducted
for the salvage of the grounded ship ‘MV
Nu Shi Nalini’ has suggested that
refloating of the ship is possible from the rocky reef, where the
naphtha-laden vessel ran
aground off the Marivel beach at Dona Paula.

The operation to refloat the vessel will begin this
week. The salvage team is now drawing up
a plan to refloat it during high water
and tow it to a MPT berth.

Hence calculations for
the towage requirements will be made.

The team is now working on two options for re-floatation
– lightering the weight by transferring
the cargo between vessels of different sizes or transfer the weight within the
ship’s tanks to free up the vessel.

Officials in the state
administration said the company has done
assessment and is now preparing the salvage plan for refloating the
vessel. Last week, experts of the Netherland-based
firm examined as how to refloat the vessel carrying 2600 tonne of naphtha, among
other marine fuels like 50 metric tonne of high-sulphur fuel oil, and 19 metric
tonne of marine diesel oil.

According to the salvage experts, in most such cases,
rapid refloating is desirable to remove the ship from a place of danger and tow
it to a port so as to reduce stress on
the hull and to decrease the risk of pollution.

The unmanned ‘MV Nu Shi Nalini’ was abandoned at the MPT
by its owner in July this year. The vessel drifted after her anchor dragged due
to the cyclone Kyarr, running aground off
the Marivel beach at Dona Paula
on October 24.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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