Tiswadi bunds on shaky ground



The incessant rains have exposed the vulnerability of the
poorly-managed sluice gates and bunds in different parts of Tiswadi taluka. The
bunds, which have been on shaky ground, gave in to extreme rains that led to
the inundation of roads and houses and the destruction of a large number of
paddy crops.

According to a report prepared by the office of the
mamlatdar of Tiswadi taluka, the maximum bund breaches took place at Sao
Mathias in Divar with 15 breaches to the Naroa khazan bund.

Moreover, there were five breaches of 20-25 metre length
to Noi, Insencho khazan bund and Amboi khazan bund at Sao Mathias.

Officials from the mamlatdar office inspected the
inundated houses and roads. They found
that the bunds and sluice gates have been weak due to poor maintenance. The
water from the vulnerable bunds and sluice gates inundated roads and houses.

The managing committees or tenant associations of bunds
and sluice gates were irked by the apathy of officials in taking precautionary
measures in time. They have written to the mamlatdar office highlighting the
paucity of funds to take up maintenance work, and urged the government to carry out repair works.

The mamlatdar has directed technical officials of soil
conservation division of the agriculture department to inspect the site and
take up the repair work of the breached bunds – with 90:10 funding pattern from
the government and the association – to prevent recurrence of such breaches.

After the recent heavy rains, water level in water bodies
rose. Water from some of the bunds in Sao Mathias, Chorao, Carambolim, Curca
and St Cruz started overflowing, and inundated localities adding to the
miseries of the locals.

Several thoroughfares in the outskirts of Panaji,
including the Four Pillar Road at St Cruz and the Panaji to Merces road, were
submerged after bunds overflew.

Cava Casana and Bandoni Macazan bunds in Chorao also
breached and water entered houses and flooded the road, the Pomburpa ferry
wharf and paddy fields.

Similarly, the downpour damaged sluice gates in Curca, as
a result cultivated fields were
submerged by water. At Tin Manos in St Cruz, the bunds were swollen after the
downpour. The water from the bunds inundated the road causing great hardship to

Source:: The Navhind Times

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