Traffic congestion at Margao rail station a routine affair

Margao: Traffic congestion at Margao railway station on Aquem side has been steadily increasing. With lakhs of passengers using the station, congestion during peak hours has become a major issue.

The roads have been encroached upon by several
illegally constructed stalls. Several vendors sit outside the
Margao railway station and conduct their business and few of them
have almost encroached upon main road keeping very less space
for passengers to move and search the vehicles to proceed to
their destination or home.

Even as the railway administration is renovating and
expanding the station premises with a view to accommodate more passengers,
the roads outside the railway station on the side of the Aquem entrance
face major traffic congestion during peak hours.

The vehicles with passengers coming in or going out of
the station choke both roads at the Margao railway station during peak

On the Aquem side of Margao railway station,
one can see rickshaws, light vehicles, motorcycle riders waiting for
passengers after arrival of the trains and in between vendors are seen in
the middle of the road conducting business.

It is pertinent to note that on one side of the
railway station along Aquem, several stalls can be seen and it is
learnt that most of these stalls are illegal but no action is
being taken by the municipality.

During the peak hours, no policemen are
posted in this area to either regulate traffic or keep check on
antisocial elements.

Some trains arrive at midnight and depart very
late however on the busy road no policemen are seen around. Few
months back, a Margao police jeep was damaged by persons
who were moving in a gang at midnight when the police had gone to
question them.

A regular passenger said that traffic congestion
on roads just outside the station is a big problem. “After 5 pm, getting
at the station using a cab, private car or auto rickshaw becomes very
difficult as the entrance is mostly jammed with vehicles. Also, parking is a
major issue as most are not comfortable parking their vehicles far away from
the station, which adds to the congestion,” he said.

Another commuter said “Once passengers get down at the
station the road outside the main entrance gets congested, so cab drivers
want us to come to them and to add to this no policeman is seen
outside railway station.”

Earlier, this road was never used to be jammed, but now
traffic congestion has become a regular feature, he said.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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