TTAG seeks deferment of electricity bills for six months



Members of the state’s tourism industry who are
witnessing hotels running empty without any occupancies since the beginning of
March 2020 due to Coronavirus are asking for relaxation of the
minimum electricity billing and deferment of all electric bills for
at least six months.

In a memorandum to the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant,
stakeholders said that, they are worst hit on account of complete lockdown
of India and the global spread of the illness.
Stakeholders have requested waiving the minimum billing on sanction load
bill of all the hotels and issuing bills on the actual consumption only at
the lowest tariffs for March 2020 onwards.

“The billing presently
based on the stipulated minimum monthly billing if the establishment has
not crossed the minimum billing amount needs to be waived immediately as a
relief to hoteliers who now are not having any revenue at the moment as the
tourism industry is completely shut down,” said industry.

The six month deferring of electricity bills is to enable
the industry to recover after the return of normalcy.

The memo submitted by the Travel and Tourism Association
of Goa (TTAG) says that, hotels are facing a very grim situation which may
damage the industry and the economy permanently unless corrective measures are
taken immediately.

“Tourism is a fragile industry depending upon perception.
Even if the spread of the virus is controlled in less than six months
still the tourist will not travel on account of perceived fear as health
organisations all over the world have made it clear the threat perception will
continue for another three months thereafter as a result of which no tourist in
the world will travel. It will therefore take more than six months
for the tourism industry to recover and be back on its feet,” points out the

According to TTAG, other states have already taken
steps to alleviate the sufferings of the tourism industry and the Goa
government needs to take preventive measures to protect the industry from collapsing
completely. TTAG has requested the Chief Minister to convey the necessary
instructions to officials of the electricity department without delay so as to
avoid billing as normal and subsequently have large amount of defaults in
payment from the hotel industry.
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