Uninsured vehicles involved in accidents to be sold off


The state would soon make rules that would make driving of uninsured vehicle difficult as the owner would run the risk the vehicle being seized and sold off in case of accident, to pay compensation to victim or victims.
The transport department will soon put a draft notification in a public domain for a 15-day period, inviting suggestions and objections from the public to the proposed amendment to the Goa Motor Vehicles Rules, 1991.
The Supreme Court on September 13 has directed each state and Union territories to frame appropriate rules within 12 weeks to allow sale of uninsured motor vehicles through public auction and pay compensation to accident victim or victims from such sale proceeds.
The new proposed rules deal with prohibition against release of motor vehicle involved in accident and auctioning of the uninsured vehicles so that the victims of accident get some compensation.
The proposed new rule 299A says that “no court shall release an uninsured vehicle involved in an accident resulting in death or bodily injury or damage to property unless and until the registered owner furnishes sufficient security to the satisfaction of the court to pay compensation that may be awarded in a claim case arising out of such an accident.”
It is further proposed to allow the magistrate having jurisdiction over the area in which accident takes place to auction the uninsured vehicle, and deposit the money with the Motor Vehicle Claims Tribunal (MACT) within 15 days.
“The motor vehicle shall be sold off in the public auction by the magistrate having jurisdiction over the area where the accident had occurred, on expiry of three months of the vehicle being taken in possession by the investigating police officer, and proceeds thereof shall be deposited with the claims tribunal having jurisdiction over the area in question within fifteen days, for purpose of satisfying the compensation that may have been awarded, or may be awarded in a claim case arising out of such accident,” the proposed rule 299B reads.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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