Verem, Reis Magos residents irked over objection to mobile tower


Reis Magos

Coming out in support of
the plan to set up a mobile tower at Verem, residents of Verem and Reis Magos
village panchayat have voiced their dejection over the opposition raised by a
handful of residents to the mobile tower installation proposal near the
Sonarbhat crematorium.

Residents of Verem
brought to the notice of this daily that since the students are facing internet
issue, business community and the village panchayat of Reis Magos are facing
problem with their mobile providers as they are not getting signal, a mobile
tower was planned to be installed near the Hindu crematorium at Sonarbhat at

The talathi of Reis
Magos Sarvesh Phatde had similar views to share, wherein he said, “All
government documents are going online, and due to poor signal issue my work is
hampered as such I have to work till 7 pm. Even if the mamlatdar wants to give
any information or wants to get in touch with me or I want anything urgently I
cannot get it done due to signal issue at Verem market.”

The Hindu crematorium
committee had given their nod subject to passing in grab sabha, as well as the
owner of the property had given permission for the installation of the mobile
tower near the Hindu crematorium, which would provide better facility to the
villagers who are facing major problem of not getting signal as such they feel
disconnected with the outside world.

However, when the
panchayat of Reis Magos put the proposal of installation of mobile tower during
the gram sabha, few residents present raised objection which irked most of the
villagers, who are in favour of the same.

Reis Magos sarpanch
Verendra Shirodkar informed this daily that it is very difficult for the people
of Reis Magos to get in touch with the sarpanch, or get any information with
the panchayat as there is signal issue in this area.

Even students and the
general public are facing a major issue due to poor signal, if this mobile
tower had been installed it would solve the issue of the villagers specially
the residents of

Despite of the fact that
there are no houses in the vicinity where the mobile tower would be installed
as it is 100 metres away from any residential houses, some people raised
objection for reasons best known to them, Shirodkar said.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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