Youth need to question government on its policies: Vijai

Margao: On the concluding day of the three day Goa Yuva
Mahotsav at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai urged the youth
to stand up, raise their voice and question the government on their decisions.

Speaking to a crowd of enthusiastic youngsters drumming
the dhol and shouting cheers in Konkani, Sardesai raised the Mhadei water
dispute issue as well the ongoing protests against the JNU students.

“CM has referred to the river Mhadei as his mother but
when you the youth put up posters about the issue, they were asked to be
removed. Similarly, there was a banner put up in Goa regarding the attack on
the JNU students and now I have heard there has been an investigation into it.
We have to question this behaviour. Being in the opposition I want to urge you,
the youth, to question. There is indifference in the government today and it is
up to the youth to question why,” he said.

He also urged the youth to use the Mahotsav platform to
cultivate leadership skills and to protect not only Konkani as a language but
Goa, its culture and traditions as well as address social issues facing the

“For the next edition, have a debate on the future of the
state, talk about issues of unemployment and relevant social issues,” said

Speaking about the Mahotsav that is celebrating the 25th
edition, Sardesai also questioned why the state had not recognised it. “This
Mahotsav has been around for 25 years. It is not just a cultural event but one
where social causes are also raised. Why is the government not giving it a
special title,” he said.

The three-day youth event began on Friday with 17
different competitions, a total of 39 educational institutions and cultural
clubs participating and over 2,500 participants. Shree

Katamgal Dada Pangad, Ponda was awarded the first prize
winning Rs 25,000 and a trophy while Government College, Quepem won the second
prize winning Rs 20,000 and a trophy.

Guest of honour for the event, managing director,
Mindscape, Manisha Tarcar, while speaking to the audience, also emphasised on
the importance of Konkani as well as the need to preserve it.

“Konkani needs a platform to show the skills of the young
and this is a good place. Konkani

Bhasha Mandal has also put in a lot of efforts through
their work. To all the youth, cultural clubs and youngsters, I would like
to urge all of you to speak the language at home. Don’t give up on your
education but take Konkani along with it,” she said.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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