Every street of Goa will greet you with the mouth watering fragrance of fresh seafood cooked in coconut milk and aromatic local spices served with steaming hot rice. The holiday destination that lies along India’s Konkan coast boasts of a vastly popular and distinct cuisine that has borrowed delicious elements from multiple cultures. Influenced by it’s Hindu origins, but shaped by hundreds of years of Portuguese colonialism, Goan cuisine will lay down stories of the state’s history on your plate. Seafood lovers will be enticed by the promise of spicy, flavourful and delectable dishes made out of all kinds of fish, prawns, mussels, oysters, crabs, lobsters and more.

In fact, no trip to Goa is complete if you haven’t sampled the likes of xacutti, ambottik, caldin and pork vindaloo, some Bebinca to round it off and locally brewed Feni to wash it all down. And you are in the right place if you want to head on a culinary world trip. Goa’s dining destinations serve everything from Asian and Continental cuisine to even exotic Isreali, Mediterranean and Turkish fare. Pick from the wide range of shacks, family-run establishments, cosy tavernas, al fresco restaurants, open air eateries and fine dining hot spots by the many beaches, rivers and the swanky spots in town to take a culinary journey through Goa.



Located on Chogm road, Florentine is a popular hangout place. Look out for the signboard behind the Saligao Church and take the small, pot-h... Continue Reading

Brittos Restaurant


Running from 1965, the son Cajetan Britto has fine-tuned Brittos to meet the needs of the 'holiday' crowd. Continue Reading