Brittos Restaurant

It is the happening meeting point and the ‘action centred’ avenue in Goa. Come season or off season this place is buzzing with activity from morning till midnight.

Running from 1965, the son Cajetan Britto has fine-tuned Brittos to meet the needs of the holiday crowd. Walk on sand right from the road till the beach, weave between tables set between an old Goan house verandah and stage-settings that showcase Goa. Sit down as you order your drink and soak in the sun and the salt breeze as you see the frenzied activity take place out there.

You will see gay abandon and joie de vivre as beach clad tourists jostle with the more soberly dressed ones. Imbibe in the spirit, a chilled beer would work wonders for the appetite too. Then from their multi-cuisine menu, order old favourites. The Seafood Platter still rules the roost – an assortment of grilled mussels, squid (calamari), crab, fish and prawns. The Goan curries are also worth a taste Caldin, Balchao, Xacutti. But with the sea air and sunshine, their grilled seafood has many takers.

There is a small corner for the English foodies too! Remember, this 300 cover restaurant is truly global in terms of its guests. A Roast Chicken or a chicken in white wine sauce will not come amiss. And as you sit there unwinding after a leisurely meal to see the golden orb of the sun slowly sink below the horizon, remember that the dessert counter is worth a dekho too – Alpine Mousse, Tiramisu, Blueberry Cheesecake. The stars will twinkle in your eyes before they reach the sky.

Image Credits: Brittos Restaurant, by Anthony Rasquinha

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